White Feather Lodge offers you some of the best caribou hunting, black bear hunting and moose hunting in the world!! We hunt areas with some of the highest moose (population) density and possibly the largest strain of black bear on the globe! Fully guided hunts and expert services. Our aim is for you to harvest the next World Record Black Bear!

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Caribou Hunting Adventures
White Feather Lodge

Woodland Caribou do not migrate which means you will
'never miss the migration' !!

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Experience the only place in the world where you can hunt for Woodland Caribou! Experience tremendous opportunities for either bow, rifle or black powder hunting! These majestic animals with their dominant, thick, white manes and their palmated, filled-in antler displays are a truely unique in their spieces. Newfoundland has many caribou making the book each year. One of our guests registered the #8 all time Pope and Young world record in 2001!

We have an exclusive bow hunting season for Woodland Caribou as well as great oppertunities for archery well into the gun season!! True bow - range opportunities average over 100%. Rifle and black-powder hunting for these beautiful animals can also be an unforgettable experience! Unlike their Borron Ground cousins, these animals are residential in nature and do not migrate which means we will never 'miss the migration'. Experience the trip of a lifetime! Hunt the Woodland Caribou, exclusive to the island of Newfoundland!
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